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Redundancy module for redundant connection of one of two WZM amplifiers to DCS regulated object



  • Two inputs for currents from two current sources.
  • Two measurement inputs for signals from shunts measuring above currents.
  • Two measurement inputs of 4-20mA current controlling amplifiers.
  • Two binary inputs forcing switching.


  • Two outputs switching input currents to regulated object or artificial resistive load.
  • Two measurement outputs of outputs currents (voltage from shunts).
  • Five binary outputs indicating: amplifiers failure, correct connection of power supplies, which amplifier is connected to the regulated object.

Power supply:

  • 24VDC (redundancy).

Additional information:

  • Algorithm of choosing proper amplifier and notifying DCS system.
  • Module RED2 monitors the value of both currents and switches to the regulated object (e.g. pilot valve coil) proper WZM amplifier. In case of deviation from calibrated value the module will switch to the other current source and indicate failure of the first one.
  • More information in: DATASHEET (download).

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