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275.00 PLN
Circuit separator with 4...20mA input and three-wire output

426.00 PLN
Separator of 4...20mA signal to any analog signal

282.00 PLN
Two-wire 4...20mA signal separator with any analog input signal (factory-set)

374.00 PLN
Separator of any analog signals (factory-set), possibility of connection two-wire transmitter

245.00 PLN
Separator of 0/4...20mA signals, up to 4 channels

409.00 PLN
4...20mA signal separator transparent for HART protocol transmission

356.00 PLN
Separator of any analog signals with option for connection two-wire transmitter and with option for passive output

473.00 PLN
Separator of 4-20mA circuits with HART protocol transmission, with possibility of connection two-wire transmitter, active or passive output

604.00 PLN
Circuits separator, converter with digital indicator
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