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Limit indicators (threshold)

Limit indicators are designed to control the value of analog signals. The decrease of the signal below the set minimum value (lower threshold) or the increase above the set maximum value (upper threshold) is indicated by the change of the state of the output relay.

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103.00 €
Universal analog separator with switcher-selected signals and two alarm thresholds, universal power supply

42.00 €
Threshold indicator settable with potentiometer

84.00 €
Threshold indicator, 2 threshold outputs, programmable via USB

84.00 €
Universal converter of any standard signal to pulse frequency, PWM duty cycle, with threshold indication, 2 outputs, programmable via USB

78.00 €
On board programmable two-wire 4...20mA digital indication with alarm threshold

78.00 €
Programmable two-wire 4...20mA digital indicator on board with alarm output

118.00 €
Circuits separator, converter with digital indicator

113.00 €
Programmable threshold indicator, 2 thresholds

129.00 €
Programmable digital indicator with 4 alarm thresholds, on rail

137.00 €
Programmable digital indicator with 4 alarm thresholds, on board

125.00 €
Bar indicator (bargraph), 2 threshold outputs, 61 points, on board
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