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About company

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Company LABOR-ASTER since 1993 produces electronic components for industrial automation including components that are capable to work in the hazardous area.

For devices with explosion-proof construction we have certificates compliant with the ATEX directive and Russian certificates (Russia customs union, Belarus, Kazakhstan).

We have the Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001 and the Notification of Product Quality Assurance for devices with intrinsically safe circuits.

Our company also offers:

  • consultancy in the filed of explosion hazardous zones: how to choose devices, how to match safety parameters;
  • advices of how to enter and leave signals from hazardous zones;
  • development of atypical devices and production of short series (especially microprocessor devices);
  • technical consultancy in the field of typical and atypical applications of our devices.

Our policy towards our clients is described below:

  • you have a 3 year warranty;
  • you know that we are a producer, so you will get full and detailed information on the product;
  • you have professional technical support;
  • you will receive advice on explosion hazardous zones (ATEX);
  • we make non-standard devise according to the customer’s order;
  • we can try to deliver your product in express mode – if there is such need;
  • you can rent a device for tests before purchasing;
  • if you are not satisfied with our product we can talk about product return;
  • if you make a mistake in specification you can exchange the product;
  • you can submit the product for parameters modification;
  • you do not need warranty card to make a complaint;
  • although you have bought from a dealer, you can arrange complain directly with us;
  • for efficient handling agree every complaint by phone;
  • we can perform post-warranty maintenance and repair of our products;
  • when you buy again ask for a discount.




Current, voltage, temperature converters

Full galvanic isolation between all circuits. They converters signals from temperature sensors like Pt100, current and voltage signals DC and AC. They measure average or RMS value, small or high voltage or current signals e.g. 5A AC.

Intrinsically safe barriers

Intrinsically safe barriers performs conversion of voltage, current, frequency, temperature. All are ATEX compliant. Designed for gas and dust zones, for mining industry.

Circuits separators

We have many types of separators:
  • bistate;
  • binarny;
  • analog two-wire 4-20mA supplied from the output;
  • analog supplied from the input current;
  • supplied from object voltage 24-230 V AC/DC.

We invite you to cooperation !